“Marion has been facilitating the Achieving A Leading Image program for NUS since 2005. She has been an agent of change in creating a professional corporate image. Marion is an effective communicator, passionate, personable and engaging in her delivery. Her approach is practical, contextualized to the needs and requirements of the organization and individuals. The results speak for itself – consistent excellent ratings and highly positive feedback on her unstinting professionalism, a facilitator who shares sincerely and generously from her rich experience and vast expertise on grooming, image, and personal branding.”

Ruth Lai
Associate Director, Office of Human Resources,
National University of Singapore

“Marion is a true example of what she does and teaches, always immaculately groomed and carries herself with poise and dignity. She is honest, hardworking and trustworthy. We highly recommend Marion for any challenging job which we are sure she will execute with the utmost efficiency.”

Ida Ong
Imp International

“This course helped me to enhance my confidence in the way I behave with the people in my daily job as a public relations officer. I will share this knowledge to my staff and colleagues in Indonesia.”

Head of Subdivision of Inter Agencies Relation and Protocol
National Archive Agency, Indonesia

“Ms Marion Teo's dining etiquette class covers a good mix of both Western and Asian cultural dining differences which global executives must be aware of."

Joanne Koo
Adjunct lecturer, Masters of science in Applied Finance,
Singapore Management University

“Marion is very professional, and relates with all her clients well. She is personable and her work results are superb. We have used her many times for consultation and she is on the top of our list if we do need her area of expertise again.”

James Lee
Human Resource Manager, Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

“The most useful part of the course was to make a good professional image in our job, especially communicating with others and how to dress. I really enjoyed the course and gained much information which I can apply in my job.”

Head of Subdivision of Diplomatic Representative
Ministry of State Secretariat, Indonesia

“Ms Marion Teo is currently engaged by SMU’s Office of Career Services as one of our Instructors for our Social Etiquette and Groom for Success workshop. She continues to receive good comments and consistent, positive evaluations from our students who attend her class.”

Sim Cher Young
Director, Office of Careeer Services
Singapore Management University

“Marion is an excellent trainer. Her lectures are clear and informative. Her training in teaching methodology is effective and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Mrs Patricia Moreira
Lecturer, Department of Business Administration
Singapore Polytechnic

“Having had the privilege to attend two of Ms Marion Teo’s workshops, I was able to learn from her rich experience the art of socialising in the business context and the how-to in projecting a confident image in different social and cultural settings. Being in Ms Teo’s class was a delight, I am impressed by the confidence she exuded and her sincerity in attending to every queries posted. Ms Teo with her wealth of knowledge and great sense of humour was also able to captivate and engage everyone in the class and I will strongly recommend anyone who wants to groom for success to attend her courses in future.”

Ngoh Jun Dat
Singapore Management University (SMU)

“I attended two personal image talks given by Ms Teo when I was in NUS. Her professional advices benefit me a lot in both my career and my personal life. I highly recommend Ms. Teo's services to all fresh graduates and people who've started their careers.”

Mandy PENG Mengdie,
NUS Student

“The activities were fun and engaged everyone. The sharing sessions were relevant and important to our work.”

Lee Li Siang Loretta
Customer Service Officer, Housing & Development Board

“Marion is a very determined person who relentlessly drives to the agreed objectives. Yet all along the way, she is gentle and courteous. Indeed a difficult balance, but that's why it is such a joy to work with Marion. Also, not forgetting that as she takes a different approach from others, there is still much to learn from her along that journey.”

Stephen Wee
QA Manager, Philips

“Marion was very engaging and enthusiastic. What was most useful were the Networking skills like building rapport and holding a conversation. It would be good to do it for a wider range of the CLSF group.”

Terence Ang
Chio Lim Stone Forest

“I attended Marion’s class (Dinning etiquette and image) in my very first year in NUS, which was very useful and interactive. It’s useful and helpful in terms of enabling students to understand and apply the etiquettes and image tips. I was serving as vice-president external for an entrepreneurship-related organization, and I wished to bring Marion’s class to my organization and let the team share those useful tips. In addition, the class is very interesting and engaging. Marion did her best by including a lot of visual aids and different activities. Now in my year 3, I’m attending another workshop conducted by Marion. Again, very useful and interesting. I highly recommend her class to attend.”

Grace Chen
Student at National University of Singapore

“I found the last two points on Self-Esteem and Attitude on your slides somewhat unique. I personally appreciate the points that you have brought up in your workshop. I find them to be both helpful and important, if not necessary. I believe it is better to portray a professional image that is genuine and weighty, and not merely external. In other words, we should not only look good on the outside but also be good, or positive, on the inside. That would mean to be healthy on the physical aspect and having a proper self-esteem and attitude on the psychological aspect. Thank you for bringing up these important matters.”

Ebenezer Lee
Faculty of Science, Year 4
National University of Singapore

“Marion's class is really interesting and practical. I have gained valuable knowledge of behavioral etiquettes in business field. Attending Marion's class is a rewarding experience.”

Yolanda Zhang Xiao,
NUS Student

“Marion inspires one to be and look one’s best from choice, not from pressure. As in instructor, she brings fact, warmth, glamour, humor and tact in a unique way.”

Ms Nazeerah Gopual
Manager, Service Standards,
National Library Board

“It is a privilege for me to attend Marion’s courses on personal grooming and dining etiquette in NUS. In the classroom, she is so engaging with her witty remarks about different training topics, all based on her rich personal experience. She not only teaches the audience on how to have a good-looking physical appearance, but also how to harness positive energy and look confident from the inside out. I enjoy each and every minute of Marion’s training sessions, and that is what differentiates Marion, a resourceful and passionate coach, from other normal teachers, lecturers or coaches I have met before. I would love to attend her courses in the future and dear friends, I highly recommend Marion’s courses to you too!”

Chen Zhou
Student at National University of Singapore

“Marion, very pleased to meet you! You are so friendly and energetic. God bless you Marion. The topic was so lively because of the way you deliver. Thanks!”

Ratna Sari Wahyuni
Head of Subdivision of Procurement
Secretariat of Presidential Advisory Council
Ministry of State Secretariat, Indonesia

“Relevant examples were brought in to illustrate and emphasize key points of Cross Cultural Business Etiquette. The right amount of activities were used to draw participation, i. e. role play. Marion is a enthusiastic facilitator and is well experienced. I enjoyed the course and the examples used.”

Ms Angela Leong,
People Development Associate,
Free Markets Asia Pte Ltd

“Marion is thoroughly prepared for the workshop and is meticulous with her details. Her warm and engaging personality made it easy for all levels of participants to relate with her and the subject that she is training. Other than finding the course very helpful, the participants had great fun attending Marion’s workshop.”

Ms Jacquelynne Lee,
Head, Human Resource,
John Hancock Life Assurance Co Ltd

“I found the activities the most useful as it builds rapport and at the same time have very deep meaning behind them without us realizing, which helps us learn in return. I really love the trainer Marion, as she’s very engaging, friendly and the first trainer that is able to make a course fun. The activities we were involved in builds rapport and at the same time have very deep meaning behind them without us realizing.”

Nur Assyakirin
Customer Service Officer,
Housing & Development Board

“My working relationship with Marion started when I was with NUS Career Centre since 2010. She provides student development training in the area of Professional Image, Business Etiquette and Networking for the students in NUS. She is dedicated in her role as a facilitator, mentor and coach to the students. Her approachable, friendly personality makes it easy for students to interact with her and her willingness to impart career and professional skills can be observed during the workshops. Her style of workshops include practical real life advice, role plays and plenty of interactions make the class interesting and well-received by many students. Even as I moved on to my new role in SUTD, Marion continues to be my preferred partner for these workshops.”

Allan Seow
Manager, Career Services
Singapore University of Technology and Design

“Ms Marion Teo of Peak Performers Training Consultancy, is facilitating a Corporate Etiquette programme for IDA. This is one of the popular programmes among our officers. It provides the participants with practical and useful handles for corporate networking and equips our officers with the necessary corporate etiquette. This helps our officers in business interactions and conducting themselves as professionals. Being an experienced facilitator and practitioner, Marion is able to flex her delivery style according to her audience without compromising on the quality of the programme. She facilitated the sessions through role plays and learning takes place through lots of fun!”

Carissa Toh
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)
Assistant Manager, Learning & Development

“A lot of us, me included, attended a course on EQ by Marion without knowing what to expect. In fact we all were not sure on the effectiveness of it. In the end I found it very useful and made me more critical of my actions and words when dealing with people. She made the course very lively with lots of engaging exercise and games. Having a seminar in the afternoon after a meal is not easy but she managed to keep everyone interested and awake for the whole duration! Kudos to her. Applying what I learnt now in my everyday affair.”

Dr Choo Keang Hai
Co-Managing Director, Lee & Lee Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd

“Marion, thank you for the results of the Enneagram test. I found it useful and informative and it made me think about my personality and how I interact with others, especially my family. It really did bring home some truths about my way of making others dependent on me as a key part of my core style and how I overlook my own needs. This is something I can now work on improving.

I was a bit sceptical at first about it, but reading the report has made me realise it does make sense, particularly the fact that we have some of the other styles in our personality, which reveal when we are stressed or relaxed. It was in fact far more accurate than I expected and it is certainly helpful in my pursuit of self-improvement.

I'd like to add that you are a patient and caring coach who gives the time, knowledge and explanation willingly and passionately and it is a pleasure to learn from such a committed teacher. Many thanks.”

Nipa Barber

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