Over the years, I have met many people who lack motivation in their work, find their lives mundane and feel like they are just going through the motions and surviving. Many try to fix their lives by changing their image, their jobs, their environments and even their partners. But eventually, they find themselves back to what it was like before. If not, they try to ignore the problems and hope it will go away or somehow get better on its own.


- Do you find yourself bored with life and living day-to-day with set routines and schedules?

- Are you feeling down often and find it difficult to get out of bed everyday?

- Do you feel like your relationships with others are not deep or lasting, which makes you feel lonely or sad?

- Are you overwhelmed with work or personal issues, and feel lost or hopeless?


My training & coaching series revolves around these 4 pillars to help you find balance in your life to achieve success, build resilience and experience more joy. Learn to transform your thoughts, get in touch with your emotions, look after your physical body and live a life with greater purpose. These will help you find greater energy to live a happier, more satisfying, beautiful and meaningful life.

Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual well-being


- Learn to challenge and question your thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. 

- What kind of thoughts do you have most times? What is your self-talk and state of mind like?

- Do you find yourself trying to make everything perfect, thinking that you are not good enough or that others will not love you if you are not?

- Do you have expectations of others and then feel dissappointed or get upset when they do not live up to what you want?



- Do you know what triggers you? Are you able to recognize the way you think and react to these triggers?

- What techniques do you use to manage your emotions? Do you suppress them just to be in control or act more professional?

- Do you explode under stress?

- Are you able to let go of past hurts and painful experiences?

- Do you focus on gratitude, forgiveness and compassion?



- Do you feel good about yourself inside and out?

- What is your overall health like?

- Are you eating sensibly, drinking & exercising sufficiently as well as getting enough sleep?

- Do you take some quiet time to reflect and re-charge?



- Do you believe that there is something greater out there than ourselves?

- Do you live a life with clear direction and strong sense of purpose?

- What motivates you daily and gets you out of bed?

- Do you know your values, wants and needs? Are they being met at work, at home and at play?

- Are you longing for approval and recognition from others?

Achieving A Leading Image

Dress for Success

Business Etiquette & Networking

Dining Etiquette

Your Service Image

Our image is about the way we present ourselves and the way people see us. Everyone of us wants to project a pleasant and confident image that will be liked by others. Learn what makes a good first impression, know your colours & styles, and how we can develop our own personal brand, Learn to focus on your assets and find ways to project the best version of you.

Understanding business protocol, making small talk and building rapport is vital to developing good relationships. At the same time, our non-verbal cues create powerful messages, both positive and negative, thus how we behave and act makes a stronger impression than what we say. Learn how to develop and sustain a conversation as well as avoid conversation killers.

Whether hosting or attending an event, we are constantly letting others know more about us through our behaviors and reactions. Even at a dining table, people can make certain opinions about our upbringing and personality. Therefore, it is vital that we understand that different cultures have styles and manners that must be observed and respected.

Customers today are more discerning than before. With better affluence in our society, they are better educated, know their rights as a consumer, have greater spending power and have more choices. Learn the skills to know your customers better, manage expectations and meet their needs. Enhance your ability & confidence to handle difficult customers, to take service recovery steps and go the extra mile to delight your customer.

Personal & Executive Development

EQ for Success

Self Mastery with the Enneagram

Understand what EQ is and how our thoughts and feelings affect our decisions and behaviors. Learn techniques to manage your emotions better and think resourcefully. EQ helps us to bounce back from difficult experiences and significant stress which we encounter over a day, moving us into solution mode to confidently deal with the challenges.

The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. This framework enables us to understand our motivations and behavior patterns, and to communicate and work more effectively with the other personality types.

Building Resilience

Values & Intrinsic Motivation 

Constant pressures can wear us down, burn us out, or hurt us physically & mentally. Once we understand our personal resilience and how it can bring us personal vitality, we can build it daily. Then we can take action on the important things, let go of what we cannot control & deal with pressures without falling apart. 

Your values reflect what is important to you, who you are, what upsets you, what you hold dear and what underlies your decisions and motivations. Together with your beliefs, they are the factors that drive your decision making.